Pork Butts


Purchase a bone-in pork butt.
Remove the fat cap, leaving approximately
1⁄4" fat.
Inject the meat evenly with Pork Injection, then apply rub generously to all sides. Smoke at 250
275° F to an internal temp of 140°, then place in foil pan to catch the drippings.
Smoke at 275
° to an internal temp of 165°, add 12 cups apple juice to pan, then cover with foil.
Cook to an internal temp of 195
° or until you can easily remove the bone.
Remove from the heat and let it rest for 30 minutes before pulling the meat.
Pour the drippings into a bowl and place into your freezer.
When the fat hardens, scrape it off and dispose.
Pull or shred the pork and mix well.
Add some of the drippings back into the pork.